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Class Duration

Weekly once for 1-and-a-half-hour.

Assignments and Assessments

After each class, we give assignments on the topics taught in that class so that students can practice them. After each month, we conduct an exam based on the topics taught in that month. This helps in tracking the kid’s progress.

Participate In Our Abacus Competitions & Win Prizes

We conduct Abacus Competitions frequently. Have a look at our previous competition  here  You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel  Pranaii 1729  to get the latest updates about the Abacus competitions that will be held in the future.

Practice On This Website

We have developed many exciting practice materials like Flash Cards, Speed Round, Set, Infinite Mode, for you. You can practice Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications and Divisions. Have a look at  this  and start practicing now!

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In Summer 2021, We Have Taught Over 100+ Students For Free.

How To Practice on This Website?

We have developed many exciting practice materials.
You can practice Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications, Divisions, and Decimals.

Have a look at   this playlist   to get a clear idea & then start practicing now!

Flash Cards & Dictations.

In Flash Cards, the numbers will be flashed according to the speed set by the student.

In Dictations, the numbers will be spoken (instead of flashing).

They are one of the best ways to improve your Abacus speed.

Speed Round.

In Speed Round, you can set the time limit and solve the questions.

It is not like Flash Cards. The entire question is displayed. If the timer is done, you cannot enter the answers and you can check your result.

This helps a lot in practicing for Competitions.


In Set, you can set the number of questions that you want to solve & check how much time you are taking.

This is like an Assignment.

Infinite Mode.

Infinite mode is similar to flash cards, but the answer is also flashed along with the question.

Sit, relax, and, practice.

How Fast Can You Solve Using Abacus? (Faster Than A Calculator!)

Watch the below playlist to get an idea.

Mental Math Demo videos by me & my students.

Mental Math Demo by me.

Mental Math Demo by Tanvi.

Mental Math Demo by Janhvi.

Mental Math Demo by Shashwat.

Our Abacus Competitions.

We frequently conduct Online Competitions.

We have conducted the "Srinivasa Ramanujan Abacus Competition" on 25th September 2021. Students from 10 countries have participated.

A Glimpse of the competition.


Our Students have won International Abacus Olympiad (IAO) 2021.

Where 3000+ students had participated from 50+ countries.

Shashwat was First Rank in Category 3.

Janhvi was Top performer in Category 2.

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